2018 CEF bike ride

To support the children of Pascuales who have not yet found a sponsor, the CEF organized a Grand Bike Ride through the mountains of Estrie! This year our fundraising objective will be $7,500. Differently than last year, the trip will only last one day, either Saturday June 16 or Sunday June 17, depending on the weather conditions. We will finish at the beautiful chalet of Yves and Genviève at Abercorn, near Sutton, for a tasty méchoui (a delicious vegetarian option will also be offered).

These suggested costs for participants will be subject to a tax receipt:

  • $150 for one individual
  • $250 for couples
  • $350 for families

Two different itineraries have been planned out by François Dupuis, one of our andinists at Chimborazo and a seasoned cyclist.

Here are the details of the more adventurous route, which is 110 km long. The other route is less challenging but remains difficult as it is still 75 km long. In any case everyone will have the same triumphant arrival at the chalet for a méchoui!


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