Child Development Center

Founded in July 1999 in Pascuales, the Childcare Center Centro de Desarollo Infantil El Mundo Màgico de los Niños every year welcomes forty children aged from 2 to 5 years. They come from very poor families, whose mothers, often single parents, are in precarious employment or wish to complete training in order to enter the work force.

Through its educational activities, developed by early childhood professionals, as well as by the high quality and extraordinary dedication of its staff, made up solely of Ecuadorians, this daycare center has become a highly-qualified and recognized educational center in the community and by the Ecuadorian government.

In addition to educational and recreational activities, children are provided with daily hygiene care (bathing, brushing teeth, etc.). Two snacks and a full meal are also given each day, according to a menu developed to meet their nutritional needs and help further their development.

Children in the day care center receive a regular assessment of their health and receive appropriate medical care by the staff of a private clinic. Psychological counseling is also available for mothers and children. Dental care is also given through the services of a dentist who regularly visits the center.

Through this caring, educational and healthy environment, children who are fortunate to be part of the daycare are better prepared to enter primary school and their chances of success at school increase exponentially.

Melagnie, a veteran of the Childcare program!

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