Our mission

The Children of Ecuador Foundation is an non-profit organization, activement impliqué en Équateur. Nous intervenons dans deux domaines clés, l’éducation et l’autonomisation. Nous venons en aide aux femmes cheffes de famille et leurs enfants dans la précarité à améliorer leur environnement et leur santé psychologique et physique.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a future where every child and woman in Ecuador can live a dignified and fulfilled life and contribute to a better world. We aspire to improve education, psychological and physical health while preserving the local environment. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Values

We make it a point of honor to have a caring attitude towards women, regardless of their life path.

Respect and Non-Judgment

We consider everyone with consideration and act positively to protect human dignity and integrity. These strong values were promoted by our founders, and we are proud to be committed to them. We are and will continue to be careful about preserving this precious legacy. As we know, judgment is an obstacle to the relationship with the other person and to reduce the natural fear of being judged, we make sure to establish a climate of trust. To help women verbalize their needs without fear of judgment and with respect, we take care to keep an empathetic attitude in order to fully understand them and support them in the best possible way.

Unconditional welcome

We remain neutral and open to all. Hospitality is the gateway to our foundation, which is why we support people without stigma and in a confidential manner. The unconditional welcome allows people living in a situation of social exclusion to be welcomed in a warm place and to create privileged and lasting links within our premises. We serve a clear mandate and work with women and children who are faced with situations where their physical and moral safety is threatened. We have a moral responsibility to support them by taking action in our two areas of intervention, empowerment and education.

Social Justice

The importance of establishing this fundamental value is now more than necessary, as we see an increase in inequalities and exclusion, which represents a threat to social cohesion and human progress. As a non-profit organization, our role is to help provide equal opportunities for women heads of household and their children. The main purpose of justice is to preserve peace and harmony in communities, but while almost all countries agree on the need to adapt justice to better meet the needs of children, the reality is that many children are victims of inadequate justice systems

Respect for the planet

We are committed to undertaking projects that respect our environment. Eco-responsibility is a major cross-cutting value in a world where climate issues are more topical than ever. With climate change, demographic change, technological evolution and, more generally, globalization, we are witnessing a transformation of the world that is impacting our planet on an unprecedented scale and at a frantic pace. It is the duty of all of us to preserve the Earth’s resources. The clear goal of eco-friendly justice is to try to strike a balance, as environmental problems disproportionately affect those with the fewest resources.

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