Our volunteers

The Children of Ecuador Foundation would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for the support and help of our volunteers. We are very grateful for their contributions!


Felipe Abad – Dentiste – felipe.abad@fee.ong

Once one of our children at the nursery, Felipe received his diploma of dentistry in 2017! In continuing  to be involved with the Foundation, for example by offering workshops on dental hygiene, Felipe is one of the many people who make us proud of our work in Ecuador!




Jasmin Manza – Graphic designer – jasmin.manza@fee.ong

Jasmin was once one of our sponsored children at the Foundation. Today, she works in communications for the company Bidelsa in Guayaquil, and with Felipe, is always ready to volunteer when it comes to helping the mothers and children of Pascuales!




Franklin Espinoza – IT specialistfranklin.espinoza@fee.ong

During the creation of the Cybercafe in 2017, Franklin proposed his services to set up the computers and ensure that they functioned properly. He is always ready to help in all matters relating to technology.





Michelle Nuttall – Professional in art therapy – michelle.nuttall@fee.ong

Michelle was the first winner of the Jeanine Vallières Award. She offered art therapy workshops at the center for women from October to November of 2017, to the delight of the women in Pascuales!





Constant Vallée – Webmaster – constant.vallee@fee.ong

Since 2016, Constant has played a key role and has always been present to take on the obstacles in all the stages of improving the website of the CEF, so that you can be reading this today!




Farah Minihadji – Intern in project management – farah.minihadji@fee.ong

Farah is the first intern of the CEF in Montreal! In addition to supporting André in various capacities, she has played a key role in the creation of a communications plan for the FASRMC at Pascuales!





Sébastian Ramirez-Étienne –  Intern – sebastien.raminez-etienne@fee.ong

Currently a first year student studying International Management and political science at McGill University, Sebastian offered to do an internship for the CEF to help with activities related to administration and content creation.





Marianne Lemieux-Aird – Videographer – marianne.lemieux-aird@fee.ong

During a mission completed in 2014, Marianne created a beautiful presentation video! She also notably made a translation of it in Spanish!

Chloé Opdebeeck – Accountant – chloe.opdebeeck@fee.ong

Chloé was a third year accounting student at UQAM when she offered to do our accounting work for the 2017 fiscal year. She is behind the use of our new accounting software, which is cheaper and more efficient!

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