Founded by the Misericordia Sisters of Montreal

Founded in 1848, the work of the Misericordia Sisters of Montreal was initiated by an exceptional woman, Sister Rosalie Cadron-Jetté. At a time when single mothers and their children were marginalized and rejected, this courageous widow and mother of 11 undertook a remarkable mission. Supporting a cause outside of marriage under the aegis of the Church, Rosalie achieved a feat that profoundly marked the spirit and identity of Montreal.

Rosalie’s journey was long and full of pitfalls. At the age of 56, she opened her first hospice in her own attic, managing it alone for five defining years. With unwavering perseverance and an inspiring personality, she has succeeded in growing the community in Montreal. A century later, the work of the Misericordia Sisters has nearly 1000 members dedicated to supporting single mothers.

Rosalie’s legacy lives on through a comprehensive network of services offered to single mothers. The Misericordia Sisters provide support at all levels, from a women’s centre to access to childcare, from a health centre to maternity wards. This ongoing commitment is a testament to Sister Rosalie Cadron-Jetté’s lasting impact on the Montreal community, making her initiative a valuable source of inspiration and help for generations to come.

The CEF was born in 2002

The Children of Ecuador Foundation (CEF), founded in 2002, has its roots in the establishment of a mission of the Misericordia Sisters of Montreal in the community of Pascuales, a suburb of Guayaquil. At the time, more than 80,000 inhabitants lived in conditions of poverty in Guayaquil, conditions almost unthinkable in Quebec. The initial objective of this mission was to help single mothers in Pascuales and their children by offering services adapted to their needs. The centre’s mission was accountability, seeking to protect the dignity of beneficiaries by offering services at excessively low costs to promote accessibility.

As a result of this initiative, a training center for women and a daycare center for children were set up, giving birth to the Fundacion de asistencia social Maria Rosalia Cadron (FASMRC), also known as Fundacion Rosalia, a non-profit organization. Composed of a local board of directors and dedicated local employees, this entity took over, committing itself on a daily basis to continue the mission initiated by the Founding Sisters. After 14 years of local commitment, the Founding Sisters chose to return to Quebec in 2011.

Today, the CEF remains committed to the financing of the activities of the Fundacion Rosalia. A local board of directors was set up on the site, and local employees took over, ensuring business continuity and continuing the legacy of this noble mission.

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