Our team

André Michelet-Figueroa – General Director


Since 2016, André has coordinated the operations and personnel of the CEF with a goal that is very important to him: that effective and meaningful help is given to single mothers and their children in Pascuales. It was during a project of educational support in Burkina Faso the summer of his ninteenth birthday that he became passionate in all forms of international solidarity. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from ICADE (Madrid, 2009) and a Master of Economics from HEC Montreal (2012).


Erica Alexandra Tomala Alvarado – Director of FASMRC (local branch)


Érica began her adventure with the CEF at a very young age, as a beneficiary of the sponsorship program at just 15 years old! After having completer her studies in social work, she worked successively as an educator, director of the nursery, director of the Center for Women, and since January 2018, as director of the Fundación de Asistencia Social Madre Rosalía Cadrón (the local association founded by the Sisters of Miséricorde). In coordination with André, she ensures the proper execution of various projects carried out for the mothers and their children.


María Magdalena Alvarado Sánchez – Executive Assistant


As executive assistant, Maria notably takes care of personnel, coordinating payments to suppliers, and ensuring the implementation of services such as the grants offered through our sponsorship program. Maria acquired strong secretarial experience in Italy where she lived for ten years. The cause of these mothers and children however pushed her to return to Ecuador, much to the great excitement of our team.



Agustín Barrios Pérez – Project manager for Project Faro Verde


Agustín is from Mexico, and an agronomist by trade! If at first glance few things seem to attach him to the CEF, he nevertheless played a fundamental role in the departure of the Sisters from Ecuador, as he was director of the FASMRC up until 2018 when he passed the torch and effectively ended the transition to Erica. Today, he is invested in a project which you will soon be hearing lots about: the Faro Verde!



Julissa Villamar Moran – Psychologist


Clinical psychologist by trade Julissa offers her support and counsel to mothers and children of Pascuales in situations of social distress. She also plays a preventative role in many cases; prevention in situations that could lead to rape, child abuse, or parental negligence. Her workshops are the most attended by women from the community.




Mayra Johanna Correa  Alvarado  – Director of the Nursery


Johanna is an educator by trade. She has been working with us since 2005. Johanna has become director of the Nursery in 2018 and along with other educators gives remarkable attention to the children in the Nursery. She specializes in intellectual stimulation of the children through art and games, while always maintaining communication with the mothers of the children.




Ángela Lucia Vizueta Almeida – Educator


Angela has been working as an educator at the Nursery since the beginning of our activities. Very careful in help she gives to these children, she values an approach based on songs and collective games, all the while being a part of a cause she deeply cares for.





Karina Ugalde Angulo –  Educator


Karina is an educator by trade and has worked at the Nursery since it was founded by the Sisters. She attaches a particular importance to the emotional baggage that children carry outside of the Nursery environment and adjusts her behavior to take this into consideration as best she could.





Bélgica Del Rocio Banchon Chavez – Educator


Bélgica has been part of our team of educators in the Nursery since she was twelve years old, and she gives each child that she interacts with all the love that their absent mothers cannot give them during the day. She believes that knowing that her work allows mothers to have more freedom is also a driver of emancipation!





Mariuxi Tomala – Seamstress


Mariuxi is herself a single mother of an only child who is part of the sponsorship program. Seamstress by trade, she was hired in 2017 at the Center for Women to hold workshops on sewing for the benefit of the mothers, who are often very young.





Hermed Robert Chiriguaya Porras – Manager of property maintenance


Robert was present from the beginning of this mission started by the Sisters in 1999. Since then, he has always given his support in the activities and evolution of services we have offered. Once a chauffeur, he is now responsible for maintenance of our premises. Robert is also neighbor to our property and plays an important role in the security of our installations. He is proud to be able to contribute, in his way, to the mission that the CEF carries out.



Cesar Luduvico Orbea Cevallos – Night guard


César has been the night guard since back in the day when the Sisters were still in Pascuales. From Monday to Friday, he ensures the security of our property at the CEF. with an unquestionable success rate: He has never had an incident inside our property.




Juana Margarita Sares – Personal link to the Miséricorde family


Presently, due to economic problems and lack of work opportunities, children’s education is at risk. This is why single mothers and the families helped by the CEF feel honored by what is provided to them. For all of these years, I have invested myself head-first into this mission. Coming to the help of Ms. Erica (director of the Center for Women at Pascuales) allows me to continue what our founder Mr. Rosalie Cadron started.




Colón Alfredo Castillo Anchundia – Professor of music


Guitarist by trade, every week Colon offers music classes to the “grupo Fantasia”, a class of about thirty children who are learning to play a musical instrument. As part of these classes, children are assisted in becoming owners of their instruments with the help of a microcredit system offered by the CEF. Many of these student have turned out to be quite talented musicians!




Deysi  Janeth  Arreaga  Alvarado – Groundskeeper


Deysi has been working for three years as a groundskeeper. She is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the premises and is thrilled to be able to do her part in the mission of the CEF.





Sandy Andy Solange Moran Arreaga – Groundskeeper


Sandy also works as a groundskeeper. She is responsible for maintaining with Deysi the cleanliness of the premises and is also proud of being able to contribute to the mission of the CEF.


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