Psychology Program

Thanks to the generous support of the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation and the work done by the Fundación de Asistencia Social Misión Rosalia Cadrón (FASMRC), the clientele of the two Pascuales centres now have access to a full-time psychologist. In fact, since the summer of 2014, a psychological support program has been set up in Pascuales. The psychologist works full-time on the site of both centres. Her work consists of conducting clinical interventions with the clientele of the women’s centre, with the children attending the daycare (and their parents) as well as with the students who benefit from the sponsorship program.

Throughout the year, the psychologist met with all the children who attend the daycare, accompanied by their parents, to determine the needs of each one. With some families, she had to perform more advanced clinical interventions. She also organized workshops with parents to raise awareness about healthy eating, non-violent education and how to react to children with behavioral disorders. A few workshops with children also make them aware of the limits of violence. Finally, she also worked with the daycare educators to give them concrete tools to manage crisis situations with certain children.

The presence of the psychologist meets a real need and all the actors involved in the FASMRC benefit from her services. Her support for daycare educators is necessary so that they, in turn, are better equipped to detect problematic cases or better understand the environment in which children evolve.

It was the President and Director of the FASMRC who saw the need to develop this program. In Pascuales, the needs are glaring. It was only appropriate to offer this service to customers who already frequent the centres. Through these many workshops and sessions, the psychological support program is proving effective and is already having an impact on the Pascuales community. It supports parents and children connected with the RCHSF living in a context of violence and poverty.

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