Our major donors

We thank the Marcelle and Jean-Coutu Foundation (FMJC) as a loyal partner of our Foundation. Since our beginnings, we have been able to count on the financial support of the FMJC, which reiterates every year its desire to help mothers who are heads of households. The Marcelle and Jean-Coutu Foundation is dedicated to philanthropic purposes by allocating its private funds in the form of financial assistance to projects in favor of the poor, those who are suffering from illness, disability or a difficult social condition.

We warmly thank the precious support of the community of the Sisters of Mercy. The great International Family of the Sisters of Mercy (FIM) is committed to living and perpetuating the commitment of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté, one of the founding members. Through a very specific mission, the FIM accompanies and supports single parents and mothers in difficult maternity situations, their children and their loved ones.

Our partners and collaborators

How to get involved with the Foundation?

The Children of Ecuador Foundation offers companies the opportunity to sponsor one or more children by financing their school fees, equipment and uniform. Of the 105 children sponsored for the 2023 school year, some of them are still looking for a sponsor. The annual cost for each child is $300 or $25 per month.

Supporting our ongoing projects

Companies can also provide financial support for key projects in our Faroverde financing program, which aims to support local initiatives in our two areas of intervention: women’s empowerment and children’s education.

Volunteer Expertise

Companies can not only contribute financially to the foundation but also offer their expertise as volunteers in various fields such as accounting, technology, marketing, and management. By contributing their know-how, companies can help the foundation achieve its goals more effectively and significantly impact the living conditions of mothers in Ecuador.


Businesses can support our mission by making a simple donation to our foundation. These contributions are essential to enable us to continue to provide life-saving assistance to the children of Ecuador. Additionally, it is important to note that businesses can receive tax benefits by donating to charities. Contributions can be considered tax-deductible donations, which would allow the company to recover up to 40% of the donation amount.

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