Beginning of the “Faro Verde Solidarity” missions

Thanks to the support and voluntarism of Diane Gauthier and Jean-Marc Roussel, head of the first CASIRA mission conducted in January 2019, a proposal for two similar missions was submitted to us to complete the transformations of the FASMRC. It is with great enthusiasm that this project was accepted by the FEE.

The first objective of these two missions was to ensure that the infrastructure was adapted to the needs of the community, i.e.:

  1. Transforming the convent into a women’s
  2. the second-hand store, with Katherine’s support
  3. Occasionally offer management support to Érica

The program is part of an approach to establish urban agriculture as a means of improving the financial and food autonomy of single mothers or heads of household.

After the first mission, the realization was already significant. It can be said that this finalizes a large phase of transformation and adaptation of the infrastructure that was necessary and which is in addition to the construction of the roof of the daycare and the bamboo courtyard.


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