A partnership with the Junta de Beneficiencia de Guayaquil

If in the city of Guayaquil, and in Ecuador, there is an emblematic organization of social labor and volunteering it is LA JUNTA DE BENEFICIENCIA DE GUAYAQUIL ( JBG), an institution with more than 120 years, which provides services of health not only for Guayaquil, but also for Ecuador, being the biggest NGO of the country, and one of the biggest in Latin America.

La Junta manages 4 hospitals: the general hospital Luis Vernaza, the maternity Roberto Poulson, the children´s hospital Roberto Gilbert and the hospital of neuroscience Lorenzo Ponce. The first three are the biggest in their areas in the country. The fourth, the hospital of neuroscience, is the only one of its area in Ecuador and one of the few in this area in Latin America. This centenary institution, aside from its health services, is also involved in education, administration of the general cemetery, and services at nursing homes for elderly people.

La Junta counts with a department specialized in managing local and international donations. Its director, Ms. Isabel Valdez, who has served as consul of Ecuador in Toronto, coordinates and manages all of these actions achieving more than material donations and bringing international missions of medics.

It is because of this that the FEE, of Montreal, and the FASRC, of Pascuales, have relations with Isabelita, as she is affectively known. She has managed to come to Ecuador, the missions of ophthalmologists directed by father Labin who is the director of the Santa Cruz mission, stationed in Montreal, Canada.

In 2016, stars the relationship between the FEE and the FASRC, with the JBG, at the present time, the Rosalia Cadron Foundation, is one of the institutions that maintains an agreement that allows it to be a receptor of services and donations that La Junta gives to the institutions that have fulfilled the requirements to be eligible to receive such services.

Up to this moment the FASRC has received donations of soaps and wheel chairs. Also, this past 16 of June they attended 25 people, in the area of ophthalmology, at the community of Pascuales by the mission of medics of the Santa Cruz, led by father Labin.

The Foundation, in coordination with the JBG, on Thursday 15 of June, had the pleasure of receiving the doctors of Santa Cruz mission at its facilities.

Mr. Bassil Haylok, consul of Canada at the city of Guayaquil, was at this meeting. The doctors learned of the services and the installations of the foundation at Pascuales, and many of them were interested in contacting the FEE on Montreal (to which many of them are from), wanting to know more of us and, being the case, become donators or godfathers of scholarships.

We thank Ms. Isabel Valdez for all the support that she brings to the Foundation and for the support she allows us to give to the community of Pascuales.

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