From the top of The Carihuaraizo

Climb one of Ecuador’s most beautiful peaks

Have you ever wondered what it feels to feel when you get to the top of a great Andean mountain? An ascent is an inner struggle, but also, and above all, a collective adventure punctuated by extraordinary landscapes. A small landlocked country between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador is full of exceptional hikes and offers several opportunities for high mountain climbs accessible to all. By organizing its second expedition, the Foundation for the Children of Ecuador offers you the opportunity to accomplish it.

The objective of this expedition is twofold: in parallel with the ascent, the participants will carry out a fundraiser for the benefit of the children and mothers of Ecuador.

The Foundation will help you and support you in this fundraising, the entire amount of which will be specifically dedicated to the construction of a vertical bamboo farm in the urbanization of Pascuales (see Faro Verde project).
Date to book: Sunday, April 5 (departure from Montreal) to Sunday, April 13 (arrival in Montreal)

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