Visiting Ecuadorian management team paves the way for new projects

It is at the occasion of the gathering of the group Heritage held every year that the management team of the Foundation in Ecuador has landed in Montreal on October 12th. We have had the opportunity to welcome the current chairman of the Board of Directors in Ecuador, Jacinto Rojas Alvarez, Vice President Rafael Gonzales, Director Agustin Barrios Perez and Director of Daycare Erica Tomala.
The gathering of the Ecuadorian and Quebecois team made it possible to get all stakeholders involved to improve and launch new projects.
A marathon week was launched, made up of several meetings with our partners and members of the Board of Directors.

One of the first decisions, effective immediately, was to appoint Érica Tomala as head of the women’s center and daycare center. After her exemplary work at the daycare center, Érica agreed to meet the challenges of the women’s center. It is already organizing itself to create a second-hand shop based on donations of clothing and toys on the one hand and on sale at symbolic prices to the single-parent women of the center.
More news will be communicated very soon!

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