A new sponsorship program

In order to strengthen the link between the children and their sponsor, while better responding to real needs, the FEE has developed a new sponsorship program.

Set at $ 25 per month for each child ($ 300 per year), this amount will provide a targeted response to the needs of each youth: school supplies, tuition, meals, Compulsory clothing, health care …
Furthermore, the amount of scholarships will now be adapted to the risks of dropping out (80% of drop-outs take place between the ages of 15 and 18), and each sponsored child will have access to “super-scholarships” University studies in key areas such as medicine, law, or computer science.

In exchange for this contribution, the FEE undertakes to guarantee a real connection between the child and its sponsor: sending of postal mail with the photo, the news of the children, and a thank you card written by them themselves.

64 children looking for a sponsor in 2016

Every year, at the beginning of the school year, we take stock of the children who need to be sponsored to continue their studies, from daycare to university. Thus, for the school year 2016 – 2017, 64 children are looking for a sponsor. There are currently:

4 small newcomers to daycare
26 children in primary school
And 34 young people enrolled in college
The sponsorship program is very much supervised by the Foundation. In Pascuales, the persons in charge of the sponsorship ensure to ensure the continuation of their schooling by answering the needs specific to each one.

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