A possible follow-up for the green house Project

Good news in Pascuales:

After a first phase of the Fundacion Rosalia in the management of the greenhouse project, the women who worked in the greenhouses came together to create an association of single mothers of Pascuales. This association, in which a BOARD has just been appointed, aims to be open to all mothers who have worked in the greenhouse project, but also to all those who would like to work there.

The mission of the association remains the empowerment of single mothers in Pascuales through organic farming. It is therefore for this group of women to study the options to relaunch organic production this time not as a pilot project, but for their own good. The goal will be to be self-financing and for each mother, to empower herself financially while training in organic farming.

To support this beautiful project, the FEÉ is evaluating the possibility of offering the greenhouses to this group of women who will need to be accompanied in the first months of this promising adventure. We hope to be able to give you new information that will support this initiative. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this project or if you want to support it!


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