A new roof for the children and mothers of Pascuales

On July 15, the construction of a new courtyard and a new roof for the daycare was launched and met a real need as the old roof was at the end of its life.

We took this opportunity to insert this new roof as part of the Faro Verde project (a vertical farm) with bamboo as the first material. To do this, we would like to thank the Jeanne Esther Foundation, which immediately offered its support to our project and allowed us to start setting up a team and obtaining building permits.

It was first with the professor and architect Robinson Vega, a specialist in bamboo constructions, that we worked. The latter developed the plans and supervised the construction in coordination with Katherine Aguinsaca our project manager at Faro Verde. After a long process involving several stakeholders, we ended up carrying out this project.

The roof of the daycare was removed and replaced with an insulating roof and a double ceiling to protect from the heat. The bamboo courtyard has also been designed for holding events (such as parades, second-hand market, concerts, community cinema). It represents a safe and pleasant space to live for the women and children of Pascuales.

Here are some pictures of the stages of construction

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