Produce organic tomatoes locally to be self-financing


To sustain the foundation’s funding, the FEÉ supported a local project to help fund the Women’s Centre and the Garderie while involving pascuales’ mothers. Based on the cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouses (an initiative of the head of the peripheral gardens Tito), this project can be summed up in a few figures:

  • a greenhouse of 1200 square meters
  • already 30 workers recruited, all single mothers in Pascuales
  • 5000 tomato plants (variety “pietra”)
  • 30 tons of production expected at the next harvest (every four months)
  • this would represent 15% self-financing in 2021 and up to 45% in 2022

In Ecuador, the only way to get rid of invasive insects without insecticide is to produce in greenhouses. They also make it possible to control hydrometry and thus produce all year round.

This project mobilizes workers in teams of three to five as needed. In these photos we see them preparing seedlings in the nursery and the beginning of shoots after a week (May 25, 2021). In the context of the pandemic, this project will allow mothers to be trained in greenhouse cultivation and at the same time have relevant work experience.

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