Erica Tomala: New director of the Foundation at Pascuales

In the beginning of 2018, the previous director of the Center for Women, Erica Tomala, became the new director of the Foundation at Pascuales, where she will be in charge of all on-site activities.

The nomination of Erica represents a significant milestone for the CEF because Erica was one of the children who was raised by the Sisters in Pascuales. Her role will be essential in our upcoming projects, notably the arrival of French students and project CASIRA.

Her next challenges? To offer services better suited to the needs of women and children, ensure the establishment of our partnerships (with la Junta de Beneficia de Guayaquil, the Canadian Consulate at Guayaquil, and the University of Guayaquil), and to maintain communication between Pascuales and Montreal through André.

Erica will take the torch from Augustin, who we give our sincerest thanks. He demonstrated great honesty and integrity during his years of work and helped bring the CEF to where it is today. He still remains an important member of the team of employees as he is responsible for Project Faro Verde. A little return to his roots for this former agronomist!

The CEF and all its employees wish Erica a warm welcome!


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