In Ecuador, the crisis initiated by Covid-19 has hit our community in Pascuales hard. On the Covid in Ecuador, as mentioned in our last article, while the government is unable to support employees and businesses, many people, especially women heads of household, find themselves technically unemployed. The majority survived thanks to System D’, most of them sell food in the street which allows them to earn between $ 3 and $ 7 a day, barely enough to feed themselves as inflation has suddenly increased.

To deal with this unexpected situation, CEF supported the establishment of an aid plan focused on emergency food aid on Tuesday, May 26th, with:

  • 100 food baskets including beans, rice, pasta, and canned food, allowing them to meet their basic needs for 15 days
  • psychological support for all mothers and children to help them cope with this situation.
  • the possibility of consulting our doctor by phone at any time

We are proud to relay here to our donors, in particular to those of our last yoga that was dedicated to this aid project. It’s a way of seeing the donations come true. The community of Pascuales is aware of this and is very grateful for it. The help will continue until the situation returns to normal.

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