20 years!

Time flies! It has been 20 years since the founders of the FEE made the big leap to Pascuales. Back on this incredible initiative with Sister Céline, one of the four founders who answers our questions for this very special anniversary.

Hello Sister Celine, thank you for this interview. A first question: how did you celebrate this 20th anniversary?
On January 3rd, we met for the 20th anniversary of our departure in Ecuador in the presence of the four founders, Jeannine Vallières, Rose Aimée Roy, Marie Thérèse Bourque, and myself. The foundresses always communicate with the mission, although they are old and sick.

Why did you leave? What was your motivation?
At age 64, I had retired from Saint Justine Hospital after 22 years of service in the delivery room. I thought I was still useful in Ecuador. I gave my name for this mission, which was welcomed with joy.

Did you ever have an idea of what you wanted to do when you left?
When I left Montreal, I thought I could work as a nurse in Pascuales, a popular neighborhood. I left with 3 companions for Bolivia to learn the Spanish language. Then we were received in Pascuales by Father Michel Charbonneau in charge of the construction of the convent, afterwards of the nursery and the center for women. After a few months at the mission, I was approached to work at the neighborhood dispensary by an Ecuadorian doctor.

What did you like most about your experience in Ecuador?
I enjoyed my experience in the popular environment. Day after day I rubbed shoulders with friendly, cheerful and warm people who inspired me. I also looked after the children at the daycare.

You returned to Montreal in 2011 and are immediately volunteering at the little house of Mercy, can you tell us a little bit more?
When I returned to Montreal, I turned to the Little House nursery and Halte Amitié. A little like the Foundation in Ecuador, La Petite Maison offers support and resources to single mothers and their children in Montreal.

What do you think of the FEE today after all these changes?
I am pleased to see more stability at the FEE. All changes are beneficial to the organization.

Thank you for these answers, and for your unwavering dedication!

To recall this beautiful time, a video of the Sisters in Pascales in 2006.

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