The 2017 Grand Bike Tour

The participants for the 2017 bike ride from Montreal to Quebec!

It was a Saturday morning, in the second week of June. A group of 32 cyclists, some simply enthusiasts, others at a more advanced level, got together to bike all the way from Montreal to Quebec City in two days.

It was an ambitious objective; the Children of Ecuador Foundation had never organized such a challenging event. However, the remarkable engagement from the volunteers involved and the flawless organization handled by our President, Yves Poiré allowed everyone to reach Quebec City without any incidents…other than two minor and quickly-fixed flat tires!

We were also fortunate to benefit from the perspective and experience of Benoît Perrier in preparing this 260 km itinerary, which, whenever possible followed the Chemin du Roy, a historical route with breathtaking scenery. We reached each stage of the journey as planned, stopping every now and then, sometimes to take a break, other times to eat (see the photo below).

The journey began at the Motherhouse of the Misericordia Sisters, the same way the journey of the four Sisters who founded the Children of Ecuador Foundation started, a journey that still positively impacts Pascuales’ single moms. From there, pushed forward by strong winds blowing from the southwest, we successfully moved on from one stage to another in a friendly atmosphere.

The journey began at the Motherhouse of the Misericordia Sisters, just as the journey of the four sisters who founded the Children of Ecuador Foundation did. Their journey to this day still positively impacts(still inspires) Pascuales’ single mothers.(To this day, this journey still inspires Pascuales’ single mothers.

The objective, which was to collect at least $5,000 was surpassed, especially since we succeeded in gathering way more participants than the initial objective of 25.

Accordingly, we are very happy to report that our first bike tour was a genuine success, laying the foundation for the many other fundraising events to come in the future, for the benefit of the mothers and children of Pascuales.


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