Eight medical school students to support Pascuales!

Meeting between the students of the project Manacuna and André

The Children of Ecuador Foundation (CEF) is pleased to announce the upcoming arrival in July 2018 of eight students currently attending medical school at the Faculté de Versailles in Paris. Partnered with the association POEMES, every year the French university sends groups of students to various parts of the world to work on missions such as ours.

It was called Project Manacuna by the students Emma Caulier, Romain Dinnichert, Lorine Renault, Morgane Auguet, Lorraine Pouzet, Louise Poitevin, and Clémence Baetz.

For the eight students, this project will entail offering various workshops to the children in the community of Pascuales from July 8 to July 27, 2018. These workshops will include topics such as health and sanitation, nutrition and healthy eating, sexual education, first aid training, and sports. These workshops will be prepared and carried out in collaboration with the employees and volunteers of the CEF. We are very excited to see this major franco-canadian fundraising campaigns come to fruition!

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