Misericordia Sisters

The history and management of the Children’s Foundation of Ecuador are closely linked to the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy.

The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy was founded in Montreal in 1848 by Rosalie Cadron-Jetté at the request of Bishop Bourget. Until 1967, the Sisters of Mercy managed foster homes for single mothers and their children, maternity homes open to all women, as well as general hospitals.

In 1967, they withdrew from the hospital sector to retain only foster homes, where they provide support services to women and single mothers, in order to help them discover their strengths in order to gain or regain confidence in And to others. This accompaniment is marked by a genuine welcome, benevolent listening, real sharing in projects of solidarity and collective promotion, an awareness of social justice, with the ultimate aim of promoting the defense of rights Mothers and their children.

Since its foundation, the Institute has developed gradually, extending its services to Canada, the United States, Africa for several years and now in South America, specifically in Ecuador.

To learn more about the Sisters of Mercy, please visit http://www.museemisericorde.org/.